Plant Strong, Beautiful Trees in Your Yard

We're a trusted tree planting company in Cullman, AL

If you're living with a bare yard, enhance it with trees. Bark and Bight Professional Tree Contractors provides tree planting services in the Cullman, AL area.

We know which trees will grow best in and around Cullman, AL. We also know each species' respective growing rates, preferred conditions, and optimal environment, so we can create a strategic tree planting plan for specific areas. Talk to us about the goals you have for your yard, and we'll suggest the best tree planting solutions.

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Use Trees to Enhance your Cullman, AL Area Property

Trees can add shade and privacy to the grounds of your home or office. To add to your enjoyment of trees in your yard, the experts at Bark and Bight PTC will:

  • Inspect your yard, fences and the amount of light your property receives.
  • Replace damaged or diseased trees.
  • Plant new trees in optimal locations.

We can plant as many trees as you’d like. Tell us your goals, and we will design a planting program that makes sense for your vision and your budget. For example, did you know we can plant specific trees to help maintain and enhance your property's privacy? We consider tree height, maintenace, and other factors to help create your perfect yard. We can also maximize your deer population for hunting season - how? By planting the right types of trees! Reach out to us today to enjoy all the benefits trees can offer.