Don’t Let Overgrown Trees Ruin Your Property’s Appeal

Talk to a land clearing specialist in Cullman, AL

Have you finally found the perfect spot for your new home or office? Don’t worry if there are trees in the way. The experts at Bark and Bight Professional Tree Contractors can help. We offer expert land clearing services in Cullman, AL.

We have the specialized equipment needed to clear lots up to 10 acres in size. We’ll get rid of overgrown brush and thin out the trees as appropriate. We also offer selective timber harvesting. You’ll appreciate our safe, efficient land clearing services.

Call 256-595-0560 now to ask us about turning the brush and tree debris into firewood.

Improve the health of your trees

At Bark and Bight PTC, we focus on improving the health of trees in the Cullman, AL area. After a careful tree assessment, we’ll use an Arborjet tree injection to fertilize the trees that need it. We know how to apply the injections properly.

Get in touch with us today to schedule an Arborjet tree injection. Your trees will grow strong and healthy for years to come.